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Should I follow the car maintenance schedule?

Your car is your best friend. It gets you to work on time, takes the kids to school and keeps you from having to walk in the rain just to get groceries. Pulling into the driveway after a long day at work, you notice that there’s a small leak coming from underneath your car. Do you know how to fix it? What about when you’re traveling and the car starts making weird noises? You can’t rely on your mechanic for everything. It’s important for all drivers to know how to check fluids, belts and tire pressure so they don’t have any accidents. But what about when it comes time for an oil change? The question is: Should I follow the car maintenance schedule?

What is the routine maintenance schedule?

Regular vehicle maintenance is important for your safety and the safety of others, so it’s essential to learn how to perform routine maintenance at home.

If you have a car with an engine, the routine maintenance schedule includes inspecting fluids, belts and tire pressure. You should also check the air filter at least once a year.

The routine maintenance schedule also includes replacing the oil every 10,000 miles or after six months. The same goes for the coolant in your car’s radiator system. This is to help ensure that your car can run smoothly and last longer.

If you’re unsure when your last oil change was, it’s not too late! With regular visits to your mechanic, they’ll be able to check when you need an oil change next time around.

Why is it important to maintain your car?

A car is one of the most essential purchases you make in your lifetime. You rely on it to get to work, school and even grocery shopping. Your car has many moving parts that need regular maintenance to keep them operating smoothly.

It’s important for all drivers to know how to check fluids, belts and tire pressure so they don’t have any accidents. But what about when it comes time for an oil change? Should you follow your car maintenance schedule?

The question is: Should I follow the car maintenance schedule?

There are many reasons why you should follow your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance for your vehicle so that it stays running well. Regular maintenance can help prevent problems with your engine, which could lead to costly repairs or even a breakdown on the road.

Manufacturers usually recommend changing the oil in your vehicle every 10,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. If you wait until your engine light turns on before checking the oil, there could be permanent damage done to your engine by then! Premature wear is common when people neglect their scheduled maintenance because they’re unaware of what symptoms indicate an issue with their vehicle’s functions. It’s much easier when someone can diagnose a problem when it starts rather than after it gets worse

How do I know if my car needs service?

Your car’s maintenance schedule will depend on what type of vehicle you have. How often your car should be serviced will depend on the mileage, make and model. For example, a 2008 Toyota Camry will need an oil change at 8,000 miles or every six months. However, a 2007 Honda Accord would only need an oil change at 7,500 miles or every eight months.

Your local auto mechanic is the person to go to when it comes time for your next service appointment. Most mechanics offer free inspections to ensure that your car is running smoothly. They can also provide recommendations on how often you should bring your car in for service based on the age of your vehicle and how often you drive it. You’ll want to ask about any recalls as well.

Should I follow the car maintenance schedule?

The car maintenance schedule is important, but it’s not the only thing that matters when it comes to vehicle upkeep. You should also keep an eye on the check engine light and be sure to replace any fluids that are low. Replacing tires is also important, but there are a few different types you should know about before you buy replacements. For example, if your tires are older than six years or have more than 75,000 miles on them, you’ll want to replace them for safety reasons.


Maintenance is important for your car’s health and safety, but not all maintenance schedules are created equal. Here are the top three things to know about your car’s maintenance schedule.

  1. Know what type of car you have
  2. Know when to take your car in
  3. Understand what services are included

As long as you keep these three things in mind, you can keep your car healthy and on the road for years to come.


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