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A Simple Guide To Truck Maintenance

Some service may be performed by your truck dealer if you have a manufacturer’s or used truck warranty. If you get service without warranty you will pay fewer prices if you select some independently owned shop.

In such a shop you usually develop a personal relationship with the owner and mechanics which helps you speed up repair and get better quality, and reduce idle time.

During the regular maintenance minor problems can be found earlier and major problems can be prevented. The excellent condition of your truck will allow you to run a safe and profitable business.

The truck engine, beyond doubt, is the most important part of the vehicle. The owner of a passenger car or SUV may attach a lot of importance to the interiors of the vehicle. However, a truck driver will attach maximum importance to the engine. It is the engine that performs the difficult task of lugging huge loads over long distances. If the engine breaks down, the truck will be nothing more than an enormous and hefty piece of metal junk.

Truck engines must be maintained properly. The biggest advantage here is that a well maintained truck engine can run forever. There is no point in carrying out maintenance activities on your truck once in a blue moon. Of course, engine oil changes and transmission fluid changes need not be done every time you take a peek into your engine. 

However, you should clean your engine and keep it free of dust and muck regularly. This may seem like a high ask. To keep the engine of a vehicle that runs hundreds and thousands of miles across the country and over different terrains seems complicated. The truth is that you can keep your truck engine in top condition by washing it regularly. 

Daily inspection must be a part of your maintenance program. You should check your truck inside and outside. Here is a plan of daily inspection for you: 

  • Overview of the entire vehicle 
  • Check fluid levels, fluid leaks, belts, battery, wiring, and compressor. 
  • Inside the cab-start the engine, check gauges and controls, check the windshield and function of wipers and washer, windows and mirrors, emergency equipment, test air brake, check steering, the log book. 
  • Check lights-high and low beams, four-way flashers. 
  • Walk around-check tires, wheels, turn signals, couplings, fifth wheel, landing gear, brakes, axles, sliders, spare tire, fuel tanks, exhaust system, cargo securement, suspension. 
  • Perform brake check. 
  • Check signal lights.

So, we defined that you should daily check your vehicle. But also it is required to perform regular service check of your truck. The mechanics will replace parts before they wear out or fail. 

Weather conditions require specific preventive maintenance. Hot weather usually requires check of the condition of coolant hoses and the tightness of the water pump and fan belts regularly. In cold weather – the antifreeze level, and the heaters and defrosters.


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